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Hitchcock explains Kuleshov Effect - Aaron Delwiche
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Aaron Delwiche
Date: 2008-09-19 10:34
Subject: Hitchcock explains Kuleshov Effect
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Stumbled across this clip this morning when preparing slides for the propaganda course. During an interview with Fletcher Markle, Alfred Hitchcock explains (and demonstrates) the manipulative power of the Kuleshov Effect. The clip is only 78 seconds long, and well worth the time it takes to view it.

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Esse est percipi: Opinion
User: lolotehe
Date: 2008-09-20 01:46 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Remember, kids...PR are the first two letters of propaganda!
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User: (Anonymous)
Date: 2009-03-20 08:35 (UTC)
Subject: Yes. Very Funny.
Watched this in my Hitchcock class in the Fall. He must have been a funny guy. Not sure I would want to work with him though. Beer with him? Yes! (Now back to Lev Manovich!)
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